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It can be difficult to deal with sagging skin, especially as you can’t target it with exercise and diet on its own. Wherever sagging skin is found, whether it’s the cheekbones, the chin, the underarms or the stomach, it can have the ability to affect confidence levels and leave you feeling self-conscious about your body.

Fortunately, Glow Anti-Aging Clinic offers RF skin tightening treatments for the face and body at our skin tightening clinic. Whether you’re seeking stomach skin tightening or another skin tightening treatment near Turramurra, we’re capable of achieving your desired results.

How Does Our Skin Tightening Treatment near Turramurra Work?

Our treatment for skin tightening involves the use of non-surgical radio frequency to safely rejuvenate skin by heating the tissue beneath the skin’s surface. The heating of the tissue naturally promotes healthy blood flow and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which are two crucial elements for healthy, youthful skin.

The end result of stomach skin tightening (or skin tightening for another area) is tighter and smoother skin that looks younger with fewer lines and wrinkles.

Is it Safe?

Yes, for most people, RF skin tightening is a safe treatment with few side effects and no downtime required. Some individuals may experience slight discomfort during the treatment, but steps will be taken to minimise this through the use of a topical numbing agent or a painkiller.

Skin tightening may cause slight redness of the skin for up to 24 hours, as well as rash and tenderness. All potential side effects will be explained to you before your treatment at our skin tightening clinic.

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